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Most of our reviews now come to us through our Wedding & Event Wire Listings. Click here to read those, too!
“We finally got to watch our video! Wow, what a great production. You really captured everything!! Thank you so much for everything.”  Caley & Travis S. ________ October 2017 “We have now watched it a total of 4 times. Each time it gets better! 2 of which were times where we had some repeat family members see it. We had our living room of our duplex apartment packed to the gills, squeezing people on the sectional, sitting on the floor, and myself watching most of the film on the window sill haha! Cannot expressed how pleased we are with it! My absolute favorite thing about it is how you just so happened to be there for every magical, hilarious moment. Your ability to capture every special thing that happened and being in the perfect location creates an amazing point of view for the viewer to relive and/or get a better view of what exactly took place. I know that we will cherish this forever. I am beyond pleased with the effort you put into film and editing that really brought everything together. I definitely picked up on every clever thing that you ether sneaked in or how certain song lyrics matched up with what was happening at that very moment. We still have a few more viewings left for people who haven't watched it yet. I for one can tell you that I haven't heard so much laugher in my life, so for that I commend you on making it a fun experience! It's long but it for me it was one of those nights that I never wanted to end! You hit the ball out of the park with this one, and I had faith that you were going to give us something of this quality! Thanks again Len and I don't know how you got my old baseball profile but that made me laugh lol!!”                    Justine C. ________ February 2017 “We received our videos exactly when you said we would and we LOVE them. You captured every memory that we could have asked for. I will be sure to write a Wedding Wire review for you. Thank you also for being so patient.”                                     Melissa & Justin _____ September 2017 “”I just want to share our thoughts with you about our video. We loved how you included the voiceover with the Crowning, our requested songs, and the songs from the table names. I also loved how the voiceover was included at the end with everything being "Perfect". Then I loved how our honeymoon pics were added. I almost forgot about it and it was a great way to wrap things up. We look forward to sharing this video with family and friends and enjoying this artifact for years and years to come! Thanks so much for capturing our special day!”     Lisa & Harold B. _______ July 2016  “We watched the DVD yesterday evening and Arian and I were both more than impressed. We really love the video. It looks like a beautiful movie. I don't know if it could have been made better! Thanks for the effort and the time that you have invested in making the wedding DVDs so special. I will definitely be leaving a review on the website that you mentioned on the letter.      Arian & Victoria _______ July 2016 “Almost two years ago now (August 2014), you recorded our wedding day and created a wonderful video of it. Before sending the finished product, you sent us a surprise file: an MP3 of the dear woman who sang our last dance song (All of Me by John Legend). Less than a year later, she unexpectedly passed away. We listened to the recording you gave us then and were brought to tears. Today is the anniversary of when we found out about her death, and again, nervously, we listened to the recording. We'll never forget her, but we're especially glad to have this piece of her with us forever to remember her by. Of course, we have the wedding video with her and our other loved ones in it, but the recording is easier to access :) and it only features her voice for us to focus on. Frankly, we think more about her than about our wedding day or ourselves when we listen to it. It's one of our most precious belongings that no one but you could've captured so well. Thank you so very much for all you've done for us.”        Jasna and Dax R.  _______ August 2014 “One word "phenomenal.” We had a get together at Vince and Andrea's house and we watched the Video. Everyone raved about the professionalism you displayed !! Thanks again Len, for being part of our special day ! You ‘Rock!’”                                       Mark A. (father of the groom) __May 2015 “Well, it's after midnight & Mark & I just finishing watching the wedding video.  We absolutely love it!!! You captured everything beautifully! We are so glad you were able to be a part of Rachel & Jim's special day. The video is great & will be a lifelong treasure! Thanks again.”   Mark & Debi S. _______ June 2015  (Parents of the Bride.)
"Our video will serve well whenever we want to relive all the excitement of our wedding." - Dave & Linda G._____    February 1988  (Our first paying assignment.)
"It was so nice to watch our wedding video because there is so much that we missed on our wedding day. We watched our video and laughed and cried at how beautiful our day was. We love the fact that our video is a good mix of dancing, guests' reaction, and the unexpected events of the day. The staff was very creative with our video, incorporating personalized touches with music and unique camera angles, etc. Envisioned Video really went the extra miles to make sure our video and experience was fantastic. They are extremely creative, friendly, and professional."           -  Sean & Heather G. _____ October 2004
"We watched the video last night...twice...and we absolutely loved it!!! You did such a great job and we loved Veterans Stadium in the beginning...what a great touch. Thanks again for everything. We recommend you highly."          - Brian & Nicole M. ______ January 2005  (They met at the Vet!)
  "Ted and I watched the video this weekend and absolutely love it!  It is wonderful- thank you so much.  I especially love how you had the pictures from the ceremony in the beginning.  The snapshots at the end are great.  The interview is my favorite part.  I will certainly recommend you to anyone in need of a videographer."     - Lauren & Ted K. __ June 2005
"I just wanted to thank you so much for the video - we did already watch it twice yesterday, and loved every minute of it!! It really turned out great, you captured every moment, and we are both so happy with it. Thanks again!!     - Kim & Scott A. ___   September 2005 (the day after receiving their video)
  "Brian and I had a wonderful 'movie night'. It was like re-living the whole day again. We loved the mini video montage in the beginning with the music. It was fun seeing and hearing all the people at the party. My favorite part... the ending video montage. I loved how you combined the still pictures with slow motion of the days events with our first dance song in the background. My mother, who didn't think a video was necessary, can't stop raving about it. She is especially happy to have the scenes with my grandparents. We are so glad that we have the video."             - Jody and Brian D. _______ September 2005
"Thank you so very much for all your hard work on our wedding video! We absolutely love it! You did an amazing job! The little surprises were perfect. We watched together with our families and everyone laughed and loved it! We will definitely be referring you to friends. So again, thank you."  - Jennifer & Adam D.  _____ October 2005
"Steve and I spent last night reliving our wedding day, thanks to your SUPERB DVD!!!!  Saying that it turned out beautifully is an understatement…it is truly amazing! I can’t thank you enough for capturing all of those moments for us. I felt like I was seeing an entirely new day because I missed so much of the night scurrying around. I will certainly pass along your information through word of mouth…I have a lot of friends getting married in the future, and I know they will be pleased with your work.  It was an absolute pleasure working with you, THANK YOU!"      - Amy & Steve N. ________ February 2006
"We were both very impressed during your demo.  More so with you than with any other videographer I've seen, the guests acted either unaware of your presence or even happy to be on camera.  That is a great rarity, and I can only attribute it to your experience and instincts.  And it is mainly those two things that made Julie and I decide that we would love for you to be the videographer for our wedding.  So please mark down September 29, 2007 on your calendar."       - Dan & Julie M. _____October 2006 (See their post-wedding comments farther up this page.)
"Wow, Thank you so much for our wedding video!!! Ceza and I are so happy with the final product--you captured SO MANY touching moments--you had us laughing, crying, and loving reliving our wedding day!!!  We loved the way you put it together--incorporating our music, and you surprised us with many scenes especially Ceza's vows with the Barry White music!!! LOVED THAT!! We can't wait to watch it over and over with friends and family! Thank you so much for the time you took to make our wedding video so special--it will be cherished for years to come!!!            - Ceza & Carolyn C. _______ March 2006
"We absolutely loved the video. The closing song moved perfectly with the collage of pictures and the Christmas music at the beginning was very meaningful to us. Everyone has commented on how much they love it. Don and I can watch it over and over again and catch things we didn't catch the first time. The bloopers section was a riot! :) Thanks for all your hard work."            - Lauren & Don W.  ________ June 2006
"Thanks for sending our video so quickly and your nice letter.  We did review the movie last night and we absolutely love it.  Amazing the things I didn't remember from that night.  We were laughing, I was crying it was awesome.  You did such a wonderful, professional job, I absolutely love the entire thing.  I love how you can hear what Dave is saying after the ceremony as people are walking out.  You captured a wonderful moment there. I also love how you had people say something to us.  It is perfect, love the closing montage too, it really captured the evening.  Thanks so much for a lifetime of memories on our special day.  Dave actually said last night, for the first time may I add, that he was happy that we got the video. Thanks Len- you truly do amazing work!"                         - Lisa & Dave B.  ________ July 2006
"The video is FANTASTIC. Thank you so much for your artistry and skill. You captured all the key moments. The montages are lovely. When I saw the video I felt like an honored guest at my own wedding! I got to see so much that I missed the first time around. What a gift."        - Cheryl & Alan W. ________ July 2006
"What can we say?!  You and your daughter did an amazing job of capturing such true and real moments.  The editing job you did was a work of pure art.  You are extremely talented.  You can tell that you genuinely care to get every real and special moment captured.   I knew you would do a great job and you did :).  Another great thing was that you stayed until the very, very end and got a closing from Ray and I.  It was so sweet.  The whole video was so thoughtful :). The first time we watched it I cried.  Now I think I watched it about 6 or 7 times and have cried or got teary eyed every time. We also wanted to tell you what a pleasure it was to have you and your daughter present on our wedding day! We really enjoyed your company. You made the day lighter :)"          - Annie & Ray P.  ______ June 2006   (All of your vendors should make your day "lighter".)
  "LOOOOOVE THE VIDEO!  Not sure how many times I've watched it... even Carl (who did not want video) said that you did such a great job.  He also said thank God you did a fantastic job because we're not completely happy with the photographers pictures...   I think my very favorite part of the entire video is when you turn the video black and white or sepia.... when we're all in front of the car, then you made it look like an old movie... I was totally going for that type of look and you were able to read my mind. You are so very talented & I'm happy that somehow I was lead to your services!  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!  I would never hesitate to refer you to another couple. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.  You truly created what I "envisioned" my wedding video to be.... guess that's why you're Envisioned Video!  = )"       - Dani & Carl Z. ___August 2006
"The video is amazing. We really enjoyed the finished product. The opening song was so cute and we liked the opening sequences. Amy especially liked the 'drawing effect' of my brother's hand holding the rings. The closing montage was very special as well."   Mike & Amy H. __ September 2006
"I have to say our video is fabulous! We absolutely love it. We've already started showing it to friends and family and we all have a good laugh as the night progresses. I'm sure you were quite amused yourself! Thank you for all your hard work, it truly is everything we could have hoped for in a wedding video."     - Lauren & Scott B. _____ September 2006   
"Justin and I can't thank you enough.  You were such a pleasure to work with and the finished product is unbelievable, priceless really.  The day goes by so fast, there were so many things that I did not remember, but the video captured everything.  I love all your personal touches, but my favorite is the stills throughout the video and the very end when you put our words on the screen.  I cried my eyes out, in a good way.  We just love it!  Thank you for all the memories!"            - Kim & Justin A. _____ September 2006
"Just wanted to let you know that Jason and I really enjoy our wedding video. You did a fabulous job capturing everything! I showed it to my mom today and she loved it as well. Thank you again for all your hard work. I am so happy to have such a wonderful video we can watch for the rest of our lives." - Stephanie & Jason H. __ May 2007
"The dvd is great! I think we have watched it about 10 times already. All the reception stuff is really funny. It's amazing how much stuff you can capture on camera because a lot of what was on there we did not even remember. Probably because we just didn't see it. You did a great job capturing just about everyone who was there. Thanks for all your hard work. We would have missed so much fun stuff that day if we didn't have the video to capture it all. Thanks again!"          - Lauren & Ryan B.____ April 2007
"We loved our video! I think everyone in my family, including myself, has watched it at least twice a day! We can't get enough. My brother was even moved to tears and said it was the most touching, loving ceremony he has ever seen and you captured it all. You did such an amazing job--we couldn't be happier.     Every emotion was captured and we always find something new every time we watch it. I love listening to all of the little comments Matt and I said between each other at the ceremony and the reception footage proved that everyone had a great time. My brother dancing and singing was definitely my favorite shout out! The music selections were perfect! You did a perfect job. Biased or not, we have the best wedding video ever! It is our new favorite movie!     I can't thank you enough or rave enough about what a perfect job you did. I already referred you out to 2 Brides-to-be!! My dad is telling everyone that will listen what a great job you did. I will also be sending a reference letter by mail that you can have to add to your collection. Because of your job well done, any future bride that reads it will look forward to the excellent service that you provide. You're terrific at what you do!  Thanks with all of our hearts-"                     - Matt & Nikki M._____ May 2007
"Thank you very much for a job very, very well done. We are so glad we decided to have you at our wedding because we frankly don't like the wedding pictures from our photographer. If not for your footage, we wouldn't have memorialized our day to our liking. We are very proud of the video you made for us. I would recommend you to ANYBODY. Thank you and keep up the good work."              Minh & Angela N. _______ July 2007
"We have watched the video several times already and the both of us can not express into words how much we love the video, it really was more than we expected. We also enjoyed all the personal touches that you made to the video, it made it more meaningful, enjoyable and memorable. Thank you again for all of your hard work and professionalism."  - Sylvia & Matt D.____ June 2007
"Oh My! Thank you so much. Sonny and I got up this morning and watched our DVD. I just bawled my eyes out. It's perfect! The edits you made are flawless and we are soo happy with the video. It's just wonderful! It just brought me back to all those little moments and I just couldn't stop crying. Thank you so much. You were so patient and accommodating. Again, thank you so much....the video took me back more than pictures ever could."  - Alison & Sonny L. _______July 2007
"We have watched the wedding video about 5 times and still counting!  We love it.  It is perfect! It shows our silly side and showed our ceremony and reception perfectly!  Thank you so much for a job well done!  We will be referring you to anyone looking for a videographer and keeping your information for any future celebrations!"        - Erica & Sam L.  ________ September 2007
"WE LOVED THE VIDEO!!!!! Thank you so much. You did a wonderful job. You have captured so many moments that our photographer did not. I would love to get pictures from the video! Also, if you should ever need a recommendation for anyone considering you I would be happy to give one. You have been very professional, helpful, and our video is more than I ever could have imagined."           - Kristie & Carmen M. ______ September 2007
"Our wedding video is even better then I had hoped for!  We knew when we met you that you would do an excellent job and you really really did.  We are absolutely thrilled with the results!  You really have an eye for the cute and funny family moments that we were hoping to catch. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.  If anyone ever wants references, please give them my information.  I would be happy to tell anyone how much we love our video! Thanks again."            - Leslie and Joe B. _______ September 2007
 "A true master of his craft! Perfect cannot even explain the finished product. So professional! We've watched the video at least 5 times already and everyone we show it to loves it. We laughed and cried throughout the whole thing! He personalized my video so perfectly it was like he knew us forever! I recommend him to every bride-to-be I meet! Thank you thank you thank you!"         - Melissa & Jason C. ______ December 2007 "We received the video yesterday and watched it last night.  It was absolutely wonderful!!! You did an amazing job - captured the spirit of our wedding perfectly and made us laugh out loud many times. Thank you for all of your hard work - we couldn't be happier with our video."         - John and Amy R. _______ October 2007   "We have thoroughly enjoyed the video.  We got to show it to most of our relatives over the holidays and they loved it.  You got a lot of compliments on the Julie-getting-dressed cha-cha, the picture-in-picture bridal march, and the photo shoot montage.  Julie and I were very happy with how the dance looked. And we absolutely loved the final montage."    -Dan & Julie______ September 29, 2007   "Listen, I promised the ladies at work that we would have a wedding video lunch, and so that is what we did today.  Let me tell you what, those girls couldn't believe your work.  I told them that if they know anyone getting hitched, that we would be happy to recommend your services. Five stars out of five!  Great Job. Thanks again."       - Lisa & Frank B.  ____September 2007   "WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE VIDEO!  It is so amazing and so wonderful!  We watched it two times in a row yesterday after I picked it up and are watching it again now.  I think this was the best thing we could have done, because even though the wedding was only about 2 months ago, it seems like forever and getting to watch the whole day all over again is almost like re-living it.  It's so wonderful to almost "be there" again.  It was such a great day, a beautiful day, and Dave and I had more fun than anyone and getting to see it and enjoy it all over again feels great. You did such a good job, THANK YOU SO MUCH. It is SO funny and you captured our friends and families personalities perfectly.  We can't stop laughing. Almost anytime someone talks into the video we get a great laugh.  All of the dancing is great; everyone always get real into it when watching it again; dancing, cheering, clapping, makes all of us feel like we're there again, and everyone says they would love to be there again!  The cake cutting is great; the homily we love, very sentimental to Dave & me especially.  The footage from the guys before the church, the footage from the bus, pictures, etc, etc, etc.....we love it all! We can't wait to show the rest of our friends and family, and I know this is something we will watch over and over and over again, and it will NEVER get old.  We LOVE it. Thank you, both of you did a great job and it is much appreciated. Love, "    - Jenna and Dave G. ______September 2007
"We've viewed our wedding video and it was GREAT.  It was so much fun to relive that day again.  You captured a moment of Sean and his grandfather in the very beginning that was priceless.  You had my grandfather talking to us on the video. Now that they are gone, those are moments we can never get back again, so THANK YOU for that. We loved the video and after a few weeks of funerals and sadness, it was fun to just sit back and watch the happiest day of our life."              - Aimee and Sean D. ____ July 2008  (Each lost a grandfather shortly after the wedding.)   "The video was absolutely amazing!!! We were so pleased with how everything turned out- the scene selection, effects, music, everything was perfect! The song playing in the opening scenes- definitely brought us back to when we were dating! We especially loved that you kept in the full speeches- it made it that much more memorable to hear what our close friends had said to us, especially my father's speech. Your editing captured the most memorable parts of our wedding, and it was so great to see the little things we had missed throughout the day. Everyone at Envisioned Video was so easy to work with, very professional, and hardworking. We were definitely impressed with the timeliness of the final video. This video is truly something we will continue to watch again and again and someday show it to our children. Thanks again for everything and we will continue to recommend you to anyone needing a videographer!"          - Jennifer and Jared S. ______ June 2008   "WE LOVE OUR VIDEO! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into it. We think it's genius and we so appreciate all the little touches you put in there, from the invite to the Save the Date to the newspaper lining the box. And when we heard our song for the last montage, we lost it. I could watch that again and again, and I'm someone who hates watching herself. We gave you no guidance, just said make a good video, and you went above and beyond. I'll be sure to get out there in WeddingLand and recommend you highly to future brides and grooms. "        - Natalie P. and Jordan B.  _____ May 2008   "Thank you so much for the video. We just finished watching it and we absolutely love it. You did such a magnificent job. You captured the day perfectly and got all the best moments. It was great being able to relive the day! The way you incorporated the outside picture time was   amazing. The video as a whole was superb! Thank you again."                  - Denise and Phil H. ______ May 2008 (sent shortly after receiving their video)   "I just wanted to tell you that I just watched the video again. It's been 5 months since our wedding and we were at another wedding last weekend. I was a little sad because it wasn't ours.  So I decided to watch our video again, and I think it was even better now. When we first got it I watched it 4 times the first week- Phil and I watched, then I watched with my parents, then Phil's parents. Well, I haven't seen it since then, and it brought back such happy memories.  I saw so many little things that either I didn't know were happening or I forgot about.  You really did such a great job of capturing the day. I love the whole video but especially love the montage. I also don't think I ever just stepped back that day and took a look at the site and what a beautiful set up we had and actually what a beautiful day outside it turned out to be, but all of these you got for me!  I just wanted to thank you again for the best video I could ask for."                    - Denise and Phil H. again! ______ May 2008 (sent five months post wedding)              "Len was great!!!! I can't thank him enough for working with us, he caught every moment that we didn't see. I would highly recommend Len's service to anyone. He did an outstanding job. " - Kate and Craig C.  ______ March 2008   "When you think and plan your wedding you are making sure every detail is attended to and every "T" is crossed, but when the day finally arrives and it's showtime you don't have a clue if every detail you stressed over for months goes the way planned. That is why we decided a videographer was to be in our budget. All the "little things" were the big things to us and we were reminded of the day in our DVD. We saw things the way our guests did and got to notice peoples reactions to our wedding. Our videographer not only did an excellent job of capturing us, our wedding party, our guests but also the feel of the room during our ceremony and reception. I got to see how people enjoyed the day. We are so glad to have our DVD and go back and watch it at least once a week and each time we do we notice something that we didn't the time before. It was one of most magical days and our DVD provided the sound that our still photography wasn't able to."          - Maggie & Rob. _____ February 2008
"The video is amazing. We were very impressed with what we saw. We loved every minute. You are very talented at what you do. Your work shows that you are truly interested in making this the best experience for the couple. We loved the music selection for the montage. All the special effects and little details that you put into the video were amazing. My favorite part is the antiqued look you gave the video as we drove off in the Rolls Royce. The still shots that you used were priceless. I was so happy to see a photo of my sister walking down the aisle in church. The photographer actually missed her, so I didn't have a photo until now. It made me so happy to have this one photo. You actually got several still shots that the photographer didn't get. Thank you for taking time to record the cocktail hour, as we didn't have the opportunity to enjoy that time like we had wanted to. We are so happy that we were able to work with you. I appreciate your high level of professionalism. I am also amazed at how discrete you were. I hate being on video or having pictures taken. I think you did a great job at making me feel much more comfortable. You will be highly recommended by us."  - Tonia & Jim V. _______ May 2009 "We just got to see our wedding video tonight and we absolutely LOVE it! Thank you so much for your hard work.  We truly appreciate it. You really captured everything and I know we'll cherish it for years to come.  It was absolutely amazing!  Thanks again for everything."            - Christina & Mike S. ______ December 2008 "Mark and I want to say thank you for all of your hard work on our video. We watched the video...actually I watched it twice and I love it! It brought back soo many emotions from the day that pictures just can't do. I intend to watch it again with friends and family. Very nice work and I love the bloopers and the music you used! Thank you!"  - Christine & Mark B. _____ December 2008   "La Penna's Envisioned Video truly made our wedding unforgettable, by giving us the chance to relive the day with family and friends for years to come. Len was a pleasure to work with from day one all the way though receiving our video. On the day of the wedding he captured all the action, but guests hardly even noticed he was there. He did not "direct" shots or make us stage scenarios. He was even able to fill gaps that our photographer did not get (our kiss at the altar!) with a few stills. The video itself was gorgeous and professionally edited, he included music we love and really captured our personalities. Our family and friends have said it is the best wedding video they have ever seen and we couldn't agree more! Len is great and he is an amazing value."               - Gina & Vinnie L. ______ October 2008   "The Envisioned Video team did an exceptional job of capturing the events of our wedding. They were able to capture the entire wedding without people feeling as though they were being taped all night. The video came out great. They did an amazing job of including our personalities in the video. It was far from a cookie-cutter wedding video! We would highly recommend Envisioned Video to anyone who is looking for a videographer."     -  Erin & Brendan G. _______ September 2008   "We are sooo happy with our wedding video!! You did an outstanding job and we couldn't be happier! I think I have watched it atleast 3 times already! Sheldon and I watched it the first night, I watched parts of it again the next night, and then on Thanksgiving we watched it with my family, grandparents, uncles, etc and we all laughed and cried together. Everyone loved it! We're going to have our friends over one night soon to watch it. You did such a great job capturing all the perfect moments and we love the music you chose throughout. The introduction and closing montage are by far my favorites. It's just like reliving the day all over again. My parents were both so impressed. As my Dad put it, "Wow, he did a great job. That was well worth the money." Thank you so much Len, it's amazing! We are so thankful you captured the greatest day of our lives. We'll always cherish it."                                                     -  Erin & Sheldon  D. ______ September 2008 "We watched our video for the first time last night.  You did such a great job in capturing the day, the two of us and our family and friends!  It was so fun to relive the day and be able to see things we were unable to see the day of the wedding.  You captured it all; the beautiful ceremony, all the fun and crazy dancing, the speeches and many other special and funny moments.  It was so wonderful! I think one of my favorite parts was the recap at the end with our song playing.  I loved the part with us walking down the pathway at Overbrook.  It was put together so nicely.  I can’t wait to watch the video again, probably tonight  and then with our families during the holidays.  We will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs a videographer for their wedding. Thank you again for all of your hard work and professionalism."  - Kate and Jason R. ____ August 2008
We especially love the montage at the end. How neat! I kept replaying that - I could watch it over and over again and never get tired of it.THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for doing such a fabulous, incredible, amazing job. I will definitely recommend you to my friends when they get engaged and start planning their weddings. We're so happy we'll get to see you soon for Christine's wedding."   - Lindsay & Keith T. _____ September 2009 "We used La Penna's Envisioned Video as the videographer for our wedding. From the first phone call placed to Len to the last call after receiving the final product, Len could not have been more accommodating! He always wanted to make sure he was meeting our expectations for the video. He is so easy to work with and is extremely professional. Throughout the entire day, we never felt as though he was in our way. Len definitely knows the business & knows how to capture your day in unique ways! We would highly recommend La Penna's for your special day!"         - Chrissy & Craig F.____ October 2009   "I don't know if you remember me, but you were the videographer for my wedding Oct. 11th 2003. I still watch my video all the time and my kids love to watch mommy and daddy get married. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you. I cherish some of the memories that you caught on video that day, I have lost my dad and other close family since then and it is wonderful to watch them from that day. I still refer people to you and always will, I have never heard anything but great comments!"      - Jaime S. ________ Sent October 2009   "Our video was more than I could have ever hoped for!! You did a phenomenal job capturing not only our day - but our personalities and love.  I have watched it too many times to count! You have a true talent that I was so lucky to have found! :) The baseball scene and the song you picked for our "photo shoot" at the park were perfect!! Thank you again for all you have done - you were amazing!!"              - Christy and Mike S. ______ August 2009   "We had such a great time re-living our moment and watching the day unfold. Getting to truly see how everyone that is special to us shared in our special day and had much fun doing so is truly priceless.  Thank you so much for all your effort and hard work. We are very pleased with the video. Brian and I love it. We will be happy to refer you to family, friends and anyone looking for a great videographer. Thanks again for working with us."        - Bev and Brian P. ______ July 2009   "Steve and I watched the wedding video this evening and want to thank you so much for the excellent editing.  The music you chose was absolutely perfect.  And we loved the personal touches you added to make our video humorous.  We laughed, we cried, and cringed at our horrible singing voices.  It is a wonderful video to have to view in the years to come. We loved the extra footage you added.  Steve found it very funny that it took us so long to figure out how to put the boutonnière on my dad.  Very cute.  Thanks again."                             - Tara and Steve B. ___ July 2009   "The whole family watched the video together last night.  We absolutely LOVED it!!!!  You did a FANTASTIC job!  We can’t thank you enough!!!!  We laughed hysterically at parts, we cried at parts, and every minute of it was incredibly entertaining!!!! Thanks again… You WILL be hearing from our family again!!  More weddings to come!!!!!"             -   Stephanie & Rocco C. ________ June 2009   "Don and I watched the video last night and we loved it. We laughed at several things that we didn't see first-hand and thought you did a great job. I absolutely love the scene selection screens -- so neat that they are all mini-videos. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. We are going to give my parents their copy tonight and I'm sure they'll love it as well. You clearly put in a lot of time and we will definitely recommend your services!"             - Laura & Don H. __________ June 2009   "Peter and I watched the video last night and we couldn't be happier. You did an absolutely amazing job capturing the moments of our wedding day. We love the opening and closing montages, especially the choice of songs and editing techniques. My favorite part of the video is the scenes between the ceremony and the reception. I love how you coordinated my song request - And Then He Kissed Me - with the footage. It is so perfect. Peter's favorite part is the comments captured on his microphone during the ceremony. We were laughing out loud when we watched it. The complete video exceeds all of our expectations, and we are so grateful for your hard work and dedication. You have turned the happiest day of our lives into a wonderful memory that we can relive for years to come. Thank you!"          - Nicole & Peter S. _________ May 2009
"Let us begin by saying, we absolutely LOVE the video! We could not have dreamed of a better video to capture our special day. Thank you SO much! You are very talented at what you do and having you be a part of our wedding was one of the best decisions we made. We have shared our video with family and friends, and everyone is continually amazed at the footage. The night was such a blur, so we feel very lucky to have the video to relive the event. We laughed, (Hilary, the bridesmaids, and the mom's cried), and we laughed some more! You did an outstanding job. We will recommend your services to everyone and anyone who might need them. You are the man!"      - Ben & Hilary W. _________ June 2010                                   "We LOVED the video. We have already watched it with different family and friends 3 times. Every time we see something we missed. The experience was so much more when we had expected to get from our wedding video. Deciding on a videographer was a last minute decision and it turned out to be one of the most treasured memories from our Wedding. I would recommend La Penna's Envisioned Video to anyone having a special event. Len was like part of the family for the day."         - Theresa & Stanley M. _______ May 2010   "The video is absolutely amazing! Greg and I loved every minute of it and so did our families! Thank you for doing such a beautiful job! Watching it on our big screen in HD makes us feel like we're there again! Awesome"             - Laurie & Greg B. ________ October 2009    "Joey wanted to make sure I wrote you a very nice thank you. We were so grateful for everything you did, and for actually taking the time to even write us a letter to go along, it was very personal and we both could not have been happier! It really was worth the wait. In your letter you said you had some favorites and wanted to hear so of ours from the video. I have been thinking about it to try and narrow it down, there are so many favorites! The very beginning of the video where you can just hear Joey talking is awesome, it was perfect to start it with that, we both were laughing! I am so glad you captured those intimate moments of us just seeing one another. It was great to go back and relive it. As I am sure you know after all the hard work and preparation your day becomes a big blur, of course there are lots of things we remember, but with our wedding being so big, there is also a lot we don't remember. You did such an amazing job capturing everything the entire day. Joey now says to me, I am so glad I talked you into getting the video, I just laugh and let him take the credit (lol). He is so thrilled. We have watched it so many times already. We loved how you put everything together, the pictures... and the music I LOVED IT! It was great how you did the instrumental, it went perfect with the scenes. The closing was outstanding, we were laughing so hard, as you can plainly see neither one of us have a good dancing bone in our body, but we love to dance and we had a ball and you captured all those funny moments, it was really hysterical. I can say we cried in the beginning watching our vows and we were dying laughing at the end. I was so proud of myself that whole day for keeping it together, you would not have known this by that day, but I am quite emotional and was so nervous that I would be hysterical crying starting with walking down the aisle with my dad, I held it together and I am so happy I did! I did cry watching the video especially when I danced with my dad, everyone was really shocked that I didn't cry then. Looking back on our day, everyone had an amazing time and you show that, you did an unbelievable job of capturing everyone who was at our wedding and we really appreciate that! Joey wasn't in many pictures throughout the reception and we were so glad to see you captured the real "Joey" in the video! So funny! Thank you also for sending the photos (taken from the video)! You captured us kissing on the altar which our photographers did not. You also captured us toasting together after the best man speech, which our photographers did not, there were many parts you captured that they did not. Thank you a million times over! Okay, so I could go on and on and on.. One more last thing we both loved, the last closing was awesome with the song, and then he kissed me, it showed how much time you took to really put that together, it was really awesome, we absolutely loved it, and I will HIGHLY recommended you to anyone getting married! Okay, I know I have probably repeated myself but we really wanted to share our thoughts with you and how very happy we are that you talked me into the video and I talked Joey into the video (although he tells people now after seeing the video, he talked me into it). (haha)."       - Cathy and Joey ________ October 2009   "WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE OUR WEDDING VIDEO! We laughed, we cried and we smiled throughout. It was absoltuely perfect. You captured every single moment and emotion of our big day. It was soo awesome to watch it and relive our wedding day. I love all the music you put to it too - it was so cool to see Keith and I getting ready prior to our big debut as Mr. and Mrs. We have already watched the video a few times - we just can't get enough of it! (We even watched it again on Valentines day) Everytime we watch we pick up on something new. It was so cool to watch and see all of our guests having such a fun time. You captured all the little details too - like the the ceremony programs, cocktail napkins, gifts, etc. And it was soo neat to see Shaun playing the keyboards - I totally missed that!!
  "I just wanted to let you know that my mom just sent me the new DVDs from our wedding video and we absolutely love them. They are great and make me want to go back to our wedding day and celebrate. It even made my husband tear up a bit :) I already had some friends over to show them and put our extra copy in the mail to Eric's parents. Thank you so much! I will certainly pass your name along to any friends I have who are getting married. "                              -Jessica & Eric S. ______ May 2011   "I wanted to tell you how AWESOME the video clip is!!! :) We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback regarding that video preview from all of our friends and family around the world!! We loved the  entire video, from the scene selection to the music to the was absolutely more beautiful than anything we ever expected!! (and we expected something great, based on your past work of course).  I can honestly tell you that you are hands down, the best vendor we selected for our wedding. From your  sense of humor to your patience to your talented work, words can't express how grateful we are for you and the services you provided...and more importantly, the memories you captured for us."                    - Diane & Anthony. _____ May 2011   "We did view the DVD and we LOVED IT!!! It was so great.  It was a very accurate picture of our day and I was so pleased with the results.  I cried all over again. I think I actually cried more during the movie because it was so beautiful watching my wedding all over again. Thank you again so much, you were a pleasure to work with and you really personalized the DVD to cater to us. Best Regards,"                                                                   -  Ashley & Adam B. ____ April 2011   "We think you did an incredible job. Thank you so much for capturing the day in such a positive light.  We will cherish this forever."      -   Karen & David H. _____ April 2011   "I wanted to thank you so much for our video.  We are very pleased with how it turned out and the little personal effects you added.  In fact, my mother cried several times."               -  Alexandra & Brent C. __April 2011   "Len is amazing at what he does. He captured moments from our wedding day that I would've never seen or experienced! The quality & creativity of the video is so professional and we know it will be a wonderful,  timeless keepsake we'll have for the rest of our lives! Thank you Len!"     - Katie & Jon W. ____ February 2011 "What a magnificent job you did! We thoroughly enjoyed the wedding all over again as Mike and I watched the video.  In fact, we saw parts of the wedding day that we missed on November 13!  You certainly have an artisitc way of putting it altogether.  Thank you for doing such a spectacular job on such a special day.  We appreciate your special talent.  Best wishes, " - Liz & Mike S.__November 2010     (Bride's parents)   "Joe and I finally were able to watch our wedding video last night. We absolutely loved it! You did a fantastic job. Thank you! Wwe are watching it for the second night in a row b/c it was soooo much fun the first time! We are definitely recommending you to all of our friends. Thanks again for doing such an amazing job!"    Tracy & Joe F. ________ July 2010   "We watched our video TWICE that day (the day they picked it up) and plan on having a party to show all our friends your work!  We absolutely LOVE IT!!! Mike couldn't get enough of it and he's very hard to please and get compliments from lol.  We are THRILLED!!!! I'm so glad you got things our photographer did not (wedding glasses, signing frame, server set, etc) It was AWESOME!!!!!!! Can't say enough good things about it! You are the only vendor who didn't miss a beat or cause me concern lol.  I owe thanks to you for taking care of us that day and capturing everything.  I got to relive the day all over again which was great because I didn't remember most of it.  We watched it over and over again grinning ear to ear and I KNOW your future brides will be saying the same thing."  - Bethanne & Michael W. _______ July 2010   "I wanted to thank you, your daughter for all the help on our wedding day! I was very pleased with your services and recommendations for pictures (which I asked the photographer to take). You added so much to our day and I enjoyed all the "small things" that you did to ensure we have a great video. I would recommend your services in a heartbeat!!!!"      -   Alicia & Ron H. _________ September 2010
"I just wanted to let you know that we did watch our video and we absolutely loved it!  Thank you so much for  capturing all the  special  moments of our day. It was so fun to relive those memories and to see for the first time some of the things we missed. We loved having you as our videographer and appreciate all of your effort in making our video spectacular. Thank you!" - Katie and Paul D. _______ January 2012 "Thank You Len for my wedding video! I love it!!! You did an incredible job :)"       - Natalie and Nick N. ________ December 2011  "Steve and I just watched our video.  We never have laughed so hard and yet at the same time deeply moved with emotion. You did an amazing job and captured our love and wedding day perfectly!!  I also appreciate your extra effort with the video. We are absolutely thrilled with your work and are elated that we will get to enjoy this special day over and over again.  Thank you!  I will also write a (Wedding Wire) review for you soon so hopefully other brides will get the chance to have a great video like ours!"          - Kristin & Steve H. ________ October 2011 "Thank you so much for the video!  It's so wonderful to be able to view our wedding day from so many angles, to catch the little things we may have missed, and to re-watch our favorite moments.  And the ending montage was just perfect!"     - Christine and Jonathan S. ________ October 2011     "We loved, loved, loved, loved the video! My mom has now watched in like 5x more than me and keeps calling me when she notices new things :) We actually showed it at our Super Bowl party as part of the half time show - haha. I'd tell any  bride to be that this was the best decision I made related to the wedding. We will treasure it for years to come - so thank  you again. If you ever film a flash mob again, you must let me know! I promise to keep sending referrals your way!!"         - Katie & Steve S. _____________ September 2011   "We LOVE our video! We've already watched it 4 times. We got to NY a little after 2am and watched the whole thing because we were loving it. We didn't even realize that it was after 4am.  So far the two discs we played worked well. I absolutely love the song choice in the beginning. I just loved it. All the montages were beautiful. One of my favorite parts was when you  captured me spinning my dress on the dance floor during "Ain't no mountain high enough" where you slowed me down.  It was very dramatic. We were laughing and smiling the whole time while watching it. Thank you so much and we will make sure to review you online on all the different sites.  As a travel agent, I know that word of mouth is important to business.  Thank you again. "        Colleen and Richard L.  ________ August 2011  "We watched the DVD last night. I cried for half of it! It was so well done, and we were both very impressed with how it was  done! You really thought of everything, and we loved some of the special touches that you made, and they were made at just the right time too! We can't wait to show our family! Thanks again for everything! You've been so helpful through the whole wedding planning experience, and we will be sure to give you a great review!!"  - Lindsay & Winfield H. ____ June 2011        "There are no words to describe how phenomenal the wedding video was. Your work is fantastic! We are so happy with the finished product! We both laughed and cried so much, everything in it was perfect! I loved the fire sirens!  Thank you again  we are thrilled!"              -  Patrice and Jim M. ________ June 2011     "I wanted to let you know that we all LOVE the wedding video! You did such a wonderful job capturing every  special moment of the day right down the very last song sung by John's friends and John and Katie's final  goodbye from the limo!  Your commitment to excellence and to creating a perfect lasting memory of John and Katie's wedding day is just awesome!!!! We so appreciate how much care you put into every  detail of the video (especially since their photographer was a bit difficult).  You did a FANTASTIC job and I need a box of tissues every time I watch it!  I really love the final recap when you hear John and Katie saying their vows as we see a recap of special highlights - that is just so beautiful!!!!!  Also you  did such a wonderful job capturing their funny entrance into the reception, all the day's speeches and all the many guests!  You are a very special person and we thank you for your commitment to creating a video we know all of us will treasure for many many years to come! Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful ways and  the beautiful video!"                                           - Mary-Angela H. _____May 2011 (Mother of the groom)
"The video had us in tears and laughter and it was a wonderful treat this week! I am so very thrilled with your footage  and editing. It is so clear that you put an incredible amount of work into the editing of the film to remind us of some great moments and also show us some lovely things we missed. I'm going to watch several more times this weekend!"                     Anita and Erik. ____ December 2012 "We couldn't help ourselves and had to watch the whole thing (as soon as we got it).  We are both speechless. I didn't shed a tear through the ceremony on Oct 27 but I cried my way through the video! What a blessing you have given to us! We are so incredibly thankful. It's impossible to pick a favorite part but Steve and I were blown away by the recap at the end. Wow. Words cannot express how incredible that was - then to follow up  with my mom's piece.  We are so blessed that we found you!"      Steve and Kelley P. _______ October 2012 "We absolutely loved the wedding video! We gave the extra copies to our parents for Christmas, and watched it during Rick's family Christmas party, so many of the extended family members got to see it too! One of our favorite parts of the video was when you caught Rick sticking his tongue out at me behind the umbrella during pictures - we didn't think anybody could see that and we love that it got captured with the video! All the dancing scenes are great too, and the closing montage was just perfect. Thank you so much for all of your work."         Tracey & Rick B. ____ September 2012 "The video looks great!  We really like it, especially the ending (recap)!  Thank you for the job well done."             Roman and Olga D. _____ September 2012 "We got our video a couple of weeks ago and are absolutely thrilled with the way it turned out : )  You captured so many things we didn't even know were happening, it was really wonderful to relive the day again, and see some of what other people saw.  We loved watching it, and you did a great job filling in the gap of picture taking with the slideshow - it flows great!  Again, thank you for everything."                                                                Erin & Kevin H. ___________ August 2012 "I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did on our wedding video. I have watched it 5 times now and it gets better and better. Both sides of the family have seen it as part of our Thanksgiving celebration and loved it too! You captured all the little moments and more-- including the end dance that we thought you may have missed (a huge surprise/bonus). I will be sure to pass your information to our other friends that are getting married."        Amanda and Dante L.  _______ August 2012 "We did watch the video and I can’t tell you how happy we are with it! WE LOVED IT!! You captured every detail and every moment. Thank you so much for going above and beyond! I loved everything you did, my parents interview and how you can see the process of me getting sillier and sillier! Hahahahaha oh and the outtakes were awesome. I’m so happy we get to relive the day every time we watch it."    - Liliana and Clint W. _______ July 2012 "Clay/Paul and I watched the video this weekend and loved it!  We thought that you did a great job and captured a lot of special moments!  Music means so much to us in general, and we were so happy with your selections! We wrote a 5 star review for you on  Thanks so much!"     Kim and Paul ________ June 2012 "We finally got to watch the video and we loved it!! We had a viewing with the whole family (Me, Mike, his parents, sister, the nieces and nephew, uncle etc) and everybody just loved it, including Michael which I was SHOCKED about because he did not want video in the first place and he did not like ANY of the still photos. So the fact that he only had good things to say speaks volumes!!! (He can be a harsh critic!) I loved all the great touches you did with the music, but especially the song at the end that we danced to. I also enjoyed the blooper of us getting the wave wrong. Very well done, you obviously put a lot of thought and hard work into it and I am thrilled with the results.  We all had such a fun time watching the video, everyone was glued to it the whole time. We laughed, we cried... it was beautifully done. Again, thank you so much, it was such a pleasure working with you so much!                            Mandi and Michael S. ________ May 2012 "Wow!!! What can I say because thank you is not enough. It (the video) made me laugh and cry and I'm so grateful I will have that in the future. I got to see parts of the wedding I would have never been able to. Thank you sooooo much. My family can't wait to see it and I know they will love it as well :) thank you thank you Thank you!!!!."                 Amanda and Charles R. _________ May 2012
“The video looks great.  The video scenes were beautiful.  We enjoyed the bus ride around Valley Forge Park episode. The entire day was beautifully and creatively captured.  What a great remembrance for all of us!  Thank you for all your work.”                                                                                                    Mary R. (mother of bride) _______ July 2104 “ We just watched the video with my parents and we could not be more thrilled!! It was absolutely beautiful and brought back so many wonderful memories of such a special evening. Our favorite part was the last segment when you did the recap of everything - beautiful! Thanks again for everything! You were fantastic!”            Meghan and Adam B.__________ June 2014 “Dawson and I were completely blown away! We absolutely loved our video. The songs make me cry every time. So in love with the love never fails song. The beauty and the beast was a great touch! And there were so many moments we missed so I'm happy you got them on film! We are asking family members if they want a copy as well. We should know everyone who wants one by Wednesday or Thursday so please do not delete our file just yet. Thank you so much for all of your hard work! Also I want to thank Damon (an Envisioned Video associate) he was a joy to work with. He told us we have the best dip he has seen in 35 years haha made me laugh. I will most Absolutely put a review up on wedding wire! Thanks so much again!”                            Brooke and Dawson B. _________ June 2014   "Thank you so much for our dvds!! We got a chance to watch everything! It was very beautiful!! We're so grateful to have the ceremony documented. It is also nice to have our interactions as we dismissed the guests on tape. The pictures from Juliana (photographer) were such a fun surprise!!  That adds a lot to the dvd!!! Thanks so much for working with her on that. We're really happy with  our video and we're so thankful for all the work that you put into it on the day of and after to put it together!! Thanks so much!"                        -                                                                                                      Christina and Chad D. _______ June 2014 "Joe and I received the DVDs just in time to bring them down to Florida.  We had a little viewing party with my grandparents during our visit and they said that the video was so good, that they felt as if they had actually been at the wedding.  Many, many thanks for accommodating our request and mailing the video out as quickly as you did. As for the video itself, Joe and I were so impressed with it!  You did a wonderful job.  We have watched the whole thing start to finish twice so far, and have watched the closing at least three more times on top of that.  We absolutely love the video, especially what you did with the closing - it really added something special.  You can rest assured that if I hear of anyone in the Philadelphia area needing a wedding videographer, I will jump at the opportunity to recommend you!  Thank you very much for all of your hard work in giving us something truly special to relive our wedding day for years and years to come.  :)"              Elise and Joe G. ________ April 2014 "Len, I want to thank you so much for the beautiful wedding video and all of your work for us. We watched the video together and are so pleased with the results! Watching the moments we lived through, moments we missed or forgot is really such a special thing for us to have for a long time to come! I have to let you know how special the montage at the end of the video was, with clips and the song playing. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about it. The audio clips of my father and my aunt's speech really give it a special touch. It has to be my favorite part!  Thank you so much again, it was wonderful to work with you!"-         - Krista and Andrew R. __ January 2014 "I want to thank you so much for all of your hard work on our video. It is beautiful and it is so obvious to us that you put your heart into it, which makes it even that much more special. I also wanted to thank you for editing it, and for doing so in such a timely manner. I wanted you to know that I've already recommended you to three of my friends who are getting married this year. No guarantees, but I told them how much I appreciated your work and hopefully you'll have a few phone calls."   Sarah and Mike D.___ October 2013 "Thank you so very much for your amazing work on our wedding video! We absolutey LOVE IT! You captured every special moment and moments we missed that day. We will cherish this video for years to come!"     Sonja and Vince V. ______ October 2013 "Thank you for being our videographer and capturing our special moments on our wedding day. The video is amazing and it's something we'll look forward to watching all the time."                          Lauren and Kevin M. _______ September 2013 "We love our video! Thank you so much for capturing all of our special moments. We appreciate your creativity and all your attention to detail. We can tell you are very passionate about your job and will recommend you to our friends!!"        Kate and Jon K. _______ June 2013
“Thank you so much for our wedding video! Nick and I just sat and watched it tonight! It was perfect! You caught all the right moments and had us crying and laughing all at once! I told you when I first spoke to you that I really didn’t want a videographer. I am SO glad you gave me your perspective and that you were the one we chose! It was great to see all those little moments that we missed. Thank you so much for this priceless video that we can look at over and over.” Suzanne and Nick C. __ July 2014
“We received the video. It is fantastic!!! You captured the entire evening. Since the wedding went by so fast I'm so glad we are able to sit back and enjoy watching the video. You did a beautiful and creative job with the video. Lindsey and Dan will enjoy having such wonderful memories to watch. Thank you so much. As always we will continue to recommend you.”                                                                                                                 Suzanne H ______ May 2015 (Mother of Bride)
                                                                                                              "Two thumbs up! We watched in awe for over two hours, laughing, crying, singing and clapping. What a joy for all watching. You are a talented man and your attention to small details was awesome. God bless you and the beautiful work you do. Thank you. We look forward to working with you when our daughter Michelle gets married.”                                                                                                        Veronica G. (Mother of the bride) ____ May 2015  “We love this!!! Our fav parts are the “sweet things” that we said after Vinnie broke the glass….typical us! His dad not knowing the words and the funny people! It’s so us! Thanks so much!”           Amanda and Vinnie D. ___ March 2015